<strong>Peter Harvey</strong>
Peter HarveyPrincipal Consultant

Peter is an experienced workplace investigator and consultant to both the NSW public sector and not for profit organisations, providing operational and human resources excellence.

Peter has extensive experience and skills developed over 28 years in management in both operational and human resource domains within NSW government and the not for profit sector. This experience includes managing complex projects within tight time frames and competing interests. His work has involved managing clients with multiple needs, cross-jurisdictional work and working with Aboriginal and culturally diverse people.

Peter’s experience and training provides a platform for his work in undertaking:

  • Workplace investigations;
  • Managing workplace disputes, inclusive of mediation, conciliation and provision of recommendations for alternative and appropriate dispute management strategies;
  • Organisational reviews; and
  • Operational and human resource policy development implementation and review.

In addition to the above, Peter has vast experience in group facilitation, training and presentation of conference papers.


Peter has extensive experience investigating workplace matters across numerous and varied workplace environment. This includes highly specialised industries, matters related to senior managers and trades and laborers. The following provides some examples of this work:

  • Investigation of a senior manager who allegedly misused a corporate credit card. This investigation involved an audit of the employee’s credit card over a number of years.
  • Misconduct investigation triggered by community complaints about a employee’s alleged inappropriate behaviour in meetings across rural NSW, which tarnished the reputation of the industry they were involved in and resulted in community backlash against that industry. This investigation included interviewing relevant community members/groups as well as industry experts.
  • Bullying investigation related to a senior manager with allegations spanning over a number of years, which had resulted in loss of productivity and a number of workers compensation claims for psychological stress.
  • Sexual harassment investigation within a working environment made up of staff from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
  • Investigation related to an anonymous complaint from a member of the public who alleged a supplier of services to a particular industry was over charging for their services. This investigation involved identifying the validity of the anonymous complaint, systemic issues, risk to the organisation and recommendations to minimise risk.
  • Preliminary investigation into an employee’s alleged misuse of Facebook to publicly criticise the organisation’s CEO. A component of this investigation involved liaising with computer forensic experts.


 Audit of outsourced services and financial and contract compliance related to service delivery across a multiple of suppliers. This involved auditing over 440 supplier invoices, over 7000 service supply records and multiple contracts.

  • Workplace mediation sessions that provided successful outcomes for the parties and included realistic agreements and, with the agreement of parties, reports to the organisations.
  • Review of the complaints and complaint processes for NSW Family and Community Services and NSW Ageing Disability and Home Care.
  • Review of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn Catholic Education Office’s human resource services.
  • Review of Juvenile Justice NSW Human Resource Executive Unit


Master of Public Administration

Diploma of Ministry


Cert IV Government Investigations

Cert III Investigations

Accredited Mediator

CINERGY Conflict Coach

LEADR Practitioner Member

Member Australian Human Resource Institute

Member ANZSOG Alumni

Commercial & Private Inquiry Agents Licence

Experienced workplace investigator and consultant to both the NSW public sector and not for profit organisations, providing operational and human resources. IAB, Internal Audit, best workplace investigations, GSE employee investigation, misconduct investigation