Mark Loves
Mark LovesSenior Consultant
Mark Loves is a former police officer (NSW Detective Sergeant) with extensive experience in criminal investigation and intelligence (over 14 years). During his police career he led investigative teams in conducting major criminal investigations across New South Wales as well as leading National intelligence project focusing on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.

He is a recipient of the NSW Police Medal, NSW Police Commissioners Scholarship and was twice awarded by the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA) for excellence in the criminal intelligence field.

Mark also worked at the NSW State Rail Authorities (SRA) anti-corruption unit, where he was responsible for the investigation and management of all internal fraud and corruption matters. Mark then joined telecommunications company Optus where he spent eleven years as National Corporate Security Manager, managing all aspects of the Company’s Corporate Security, Risk and Fraud Control environments. He led project teams on both domestic and international security projects including projects in Singapore, India, China, French Guiana and Indonesia and was appointed by Attorney General (Hon.) Phillip Ruddock as (Communications) sector representative on the Prime Minister’s Critical Infrastructure Advisory Council (CIAC). As a result, he was also positively vetted to a Top Secret national security clearance level.

He left the private sector in 2006 to pursue a career in academia, as Senior Lecturer / Post Graduate Program Manager for the Wollongong University’s Centre for Transnational Crime Prevention. More recently, he has been working in the Internal Ombudsman’s role at Wollongong Council. Mark completed his PhD in 2015, the focus of which was corruption investigation and the functions of civil review anti-corruption agencies.

• Section 430 investigation, Hurstville Council. Code of Conduct Investigations at Shell Harbour, Wollongong, Coffs Harbour & Murray Shire Councils
• Bullying and Harassment investigation – Endeavour Energy
• Recent misconduct investigations for Transport for NSW, Office of Finance and Services, Southern Sydney Mental Health Services, NSW Planning
• Development and implementation of anti-fraud and anti-corruption policies, and fraud control plans
• Provide induction, Code of Conduct and fraud / corruption awareness training.
• Preparation of executive and governance reports on the effectiveness of fraud control frameworks, corruption risks and vulnerabilities.
• Development of clear formal policy and detailed procedures for the reporting and investigation of fraud and corruption.