About Weir


Elaine Brus, an experienced industrial and employment law barrister, assembled WEIR upon her exit from the bar. She identified the need for independent, practical, knowledgeable and affordable management of workplace investigations and issues management that meet legal and regulatory requirements.  Elaine retired from WEIR in 2018.  


Ethical conduct applies both to the service we provide to our clients and the manner in which we conduct workplace investigations and provide complementary services, including HR guidance and workplace mediation. The value of a workplace review, investigation or any other service can be compromised and damage caused if the consultant does not adhere to important ethical values such as integrity, impartiality, respect, service, accountability and transparency. WEIR is committed to the highest ethical standards and the utmost excellence in the execution of those ethical values.

Clients and Matters 

WEIR preserves the confidentiality of its clients, and when providing examples of work performed will only disclose organisation or industry types.  In addition to work for private enterprise, Weir Consulting has been appointed to a number of Government schemes and panels and can be readily identified as a service provider to the public sector, regularly performing work for for Local, State and Federal Government Departments.

WEIR also regularly receives instructions from law firms on behalf of its clients, as instructing solicitors can be confident that a procedurally fair investigation with proper collation, analysis and assessment of evidence will be conducted.

We have acted for:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Entertainment sector (streaming and television services)
  • Nursing homes and in-home care services
  • Mining, manufacturing and engineering operations
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Local Councils, including Code of Conduct investigations and preliminary reviews
  • Universities and other educational institutions
  • NSW Government departments
  • VIC Government Departments
  • Federal Government Departments 
  • Healthcare providers
  • Multi-national corporations, including ones with only satellite operations in Australia
  • Not for Profit sector


We provide workplace investigations, mediation & coaching in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

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