Weir Consulting provides independent services to resolve workplace conflict, attend to workplace investigation and improve workplace culture and performance by providing a full range of workplace services:

  • Workplace investigations, which may include:
    • disciplinary investigation
    • allegations of serious misconduct or gross misconduct
    • assessment or review of internal process or approaches to management, in response to or to prevent industrial dispute, claims to the Fair Work Commission, the AHRC or administrative review
    • alleged breaches of code of conduct in the workplace
    • conduct that may result in alleged adverse action in the workplace, reprisal or victimisation
      concerns regarding sexual misconduct or sexual harassment in the workplace
    • interpersonal conflict or miscommunication
    • preliminary assessment
    • bullying
  • Conflict resolution and workplace mediation
  • Coaching and training
  • Workplace culture reviews
  • Industrial compliance audits
  • Policy drafting, review and amendment, including workplace investigation policy and code of conduct
  • HR support, including the provision of procedural fairness and correct process

Workplace Education, Investigation and Review

Our dedicated multidisciplinary team includes lawyers, human resource specialists, public sector experts, mediators, coaches and workplace investigators who would like to work with you to create and maintain a workplace culture that:

  • resists and manages bullying, discrimination and harassment; fraud, corruption and other forms of misconduct;
  • takes thoughtful and measured action when confronting unwelcome and inappropriate workplace behaviours.

Weir Consulting has expertise providing workplace services to a wide range of employers that include state and local government departments, Local Councils, private corporations, insurers and the not for profit sector.


It is well known that the impact or harm of workplace conflict, which includes bullying, sexual misconduct, harassment and discrimination, is significant, and can quickly escalate beyond resolution. WEIR can assist with intervention and management.




It is well known that the impact or harm of workplace conflict, which includes bullying, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and discrimination, is significant, and can quickly escalate beyond resolution. WEIR can assist with intervention and management.

WEIR’s consultants are regularly asked to help manage grievance and conflict in the workplace. Our team includes consultants holding qualifications in human resources, psychology, law, investigation, mediation, conflict resolution and workplace coaching. Our consultants have broad experience in working with teams and individuals to address grievance or conflict.

After assessing the situation, WEIR can recommend the most appropriate pathway for addressing workplace conflict. Options may include facilitated discussion, mediation, conflict coaching, training and workplace investigation, including investigating employee misconduct.

WEIR has also designed a ‘facilitated discussion’ process that uses a mixed methodology of mediation and work-shopping and one to one session/s as the platform for coming to an agreed outcome and strategies for managing workplace relationship.


WEIR can provide essential training and coaching for your staff, managers, teams and leaders. WEIR can work with your business and key stakeholders to foster a workplace that promotes respect, safety, productivity and wellbeing.


The training we provide is drawn from our extensive experience and knowledge. We focus on topics which help you comply with Work Health and Safety Laws, manage performance and misconduct and promote a positive and productive workplace. WEIR can assist in the development, implementation, training and coaching in the areas of:

• Bullying prevention
• Managing and conducting workplace investigations
• Discrimination and harassment prevention
• Effective decision making
• Appropriate workplace behaviour
• Resilience
• Positive workplace culture
• Appropriate use of social media
• Codes of conduct

Coaching can be one on one or team-based, and has proven benefits for wellbeing, performance and skills, coping, work attitudes, as well as goal aspiration and achievement.

Leaders can be coached to improve performance, gain leadership or supervisory skills, meet the challenges of a new role or manage conflict and problematic behaviours.


WEIR conducts independent investigations into workplace issues, complaints and concerns – alleged misconduct, bullying, discrimination, harassment; code of conduct breaches; reasonable management and public interest disclosures – including alleged corrupt conduct and maladministration.


Disciplinary investigations into workplace misconduct or other conduct investigations require skills and knowledge of relevant workplace policies and employee laws. Poor investigations can result in poor outcomes for both employees and the business concerned.

WEIR can provide advice and undertake procedurally fair investigations, which include development or correction of allegations and particulars, collation and assessment of evidence, and the provision of comprehensive clear analysis and findings. This will always include giving the subject of an investigation a full and proper opportunity to respond to allegations and supporting evidence, and consideration of any potential that complaints have been made maliciously, vexatiously or in reprisal or retaliation.

WEIR can also provide advice on risks and improvement strategies, concise recommendations for further action and expert analysis when needed, such as the retention of handwriting experts or computer forensic specialists.

If requested to do so, WEIR can provide assessment and recommendation in relation to any systemic issues that are identified, such as policy deficiency, issues with management and cultural issues that may have contributed to the complaint.


WEIR can help you identify whether your organisation complies with essential industrial requirements, along with assessing workplace culture, and improve compliance and productivity in line with best practice.


WEIR offers in-depth reviews of:

• Statutory and regulatory compliance (employment obligations that arise from legislation, awards and regulatory bodies);
• organisational culture (deeply held values, assumptions and beliefs of the organisation);
• organisational climate (perceptions about the organisational culture, behaviour and relationships); and
• governance (testing and review of systems and structures).

These reviews identify opportunities to mitigate risk, address inefficiency and build on existing and potential strengths.

WEIR consultants can facilitate workshops and group sessions for the purposes of consultation, strategising, team building, diagnosing culture or climate and managing change.

WEIR can provide an assessment of workplace obligations including award coverage, legislative and record keeping requirements in the workplace, and provide recommendations for best practice improvement. Make sure your organisation is compliant.

WEIR provides experienced workplace consultants for the management, investigation and resolution of complaints and misconduct allegations, governance review and fraud and corruption prevention.  Visit the WEIR Services page for more information.

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